Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009
Saison review 2008...
the last saison was a permanent change between victory, trouble and bussines.
on the first event in may on the bitburg airbase, we competed in the pro ET-class and has reached the semifinal on the timelap about 0,003 sec.
after loosing the semifinal run, we changed the setup into heads up and run new personal best e.t. with 11,93 sec - so it was quite a perfect weekend.

on the second event, EBI#2 in Chimay/Belgium, the weather was rainy and cold - so we just have had some few dry time slots to do a test run on a very bad conditioned track - the result was a 11,87 - yes, a further personal best this year and the 7th fasted eclapsed time in europe this year for cal look cars.

the saison high light event - nitro olympics at hockenheim in august:
the kwicki get's new weight settings with some different parts and places of them. the crew chief "benni" did a perfect job to calculate the set up close to the class-index of 12.000 sec. we run the first qualification in 12.003 sec and become 3rd qualifier.
the second run, we want to show all the spectators a really impressive ride and tried to run a further personal record into a 11.7 - but tranny's choise was not identically with the team and expoloded while launching - diff, ring & pinion, case was destroyed and the racing season in case of budged has ended.
all of the team did a absolute very well job and we had so much fun together on the events.

now, tranny is new with a total different ratio and spool. engine get's some modifications on cam, carbs, compression, lifter and exhaustsystem.

we trust to be ready in april for the t&t's and looking forward to be competitiv in super street for 2009...

crossed fingers and stay tuned

Richarzzz Dragrace Department

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Donnerstag, 24. April 2008
the saison 2008 has arrived...
last weekend. we were at the bitburg airbase to do some test runs, regarding the updated release of the kwicki.

in case of sad weather conditions with heavy rain and very low temps, we just could do two runs on sunday afternoon.
the track was without any traction, so the e.t.'s are not mentionable.

also, we have a prospective guy, called "pritschen boris" with his primered and lowered single cab with us.

in may, we start defnetly in ProET, so

stay tuned


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Freitag, 29. Februar 2008
The 2008 season will come...
...and the Richarzzz Dragrace Department go proET-Racing in a new founded series in Germany.

So something should drop some time on the strip in case of optimise the car weight to the next level.

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Montag, 22. Oktober 2007
the saison 2007...

the last season is over, right now. for my friends and me, it was another greate time in racing, events and parties all over the tracks we raced.

we start in may at bitburg raceway with the first street-eliminator run and run the first personal best in the first event this year.
it was a 12.26 @ 106 mph.

the second run in the SE-series in alkerleben/thueringen was a absolut bull shit event in organisation and safety. so the whole SE-competitors decided to leaf the track before the qualifing has come and went back home without any scores.

the 3rd happening, it was the 1st EUROPEAN BUG IN on Chimay/Belgium. it was the very best event i've ever been. lots of the members of the DKP cal look club from orange/calif. did the trip to europe to come and run in their cars which were sold, some times ago.

number 4 on our scedule, wittstock intern. dragracing event. many racers in different classes, large dragracing areal, best paddock, best organisation outside the SE-germany, sticky track - tranny crashed.

number 5, hockenheim nitroX - personal best 12.08, yes!!!! and a nice tv-feature shown here on kabel1


the final of the SE-series in september, bitburg raceway - 12.136 @ 106,64 mph.

now, it's over and i'm going to work on the racecar for the following seasing. it looks like i change the class - no street-elimination, no public race, no super street - i will go SUPER PRO ET racing for 2008.

i have to say thank you so much for all the mails, i received the last months. i'm very happy about it and try to answer all of them, right in time.

keep on racing


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Mittwoch, 5. September 2007
New personal record: 12.08 @ 175.25 km/h (NitroX Hockenheim)
the 22nd isue of the european's biggest dragrace event, was held on 17.-19.08.2007.

the KWICKI was rolling to the line up with a brand new gearbox with different ratios inside, like the wittstock brocken one. so we don't have any idea, how to dial in a fast set up.
we used the best working hockenheim setup from last year and matched a 12.3 sec.

the lauch rpm was too low, so the engine didn't produce enough torque to get a fast 60 ft/t.
nevertheless the wheelie was quite impressive on this amazing grip on the track.

pic from dragstripper himself (markus münch), thx.

so we changed the phoenix slicks to the m&h d.o.t.-tires and rised up the launch rpm to the max. torque spread and wowed the crowd's with a very large wheelstand, nearly into the second gear. the car pushed very hard on every shift - each shifting point was just right in time and we run a very impressive 12.087 @ 175,25 km/h.

the team and i was so happy and nothing could drop our smile from one ear to the other - the whole weekend long!!!

this was our victory after 3 years of hard working on the car, testing, racing, changing and learning how to fly this aircraft like a stuka.

the other two quali runs were an 12.9 without to warm up the tires, because on the 12.08run, we were about 0,1 sec away of our best 60 ft/t and hoped to find this moment in the setup, so we did some experiments on tire pressure an temperature - but it doesn't managed at this event ;-(
the 4th quali run was a 12.21 on a little higher shifting point.

at the end of qualification, we had the 7th place of a 26 sportsman ladder. this shows the high level in public racing - quite hard like the super gas field.
if you are not able to run to the index, you are a barnie!

the first eli run was vs. a vw golf mk1 with a large displacement turbo engine - i've eliminated him in lifting the throttle in front of the finishline, as i have seen him in mirror.

the 1/8 final, i have to run vs. an camaro berlinetta and i know, that this car could run into middle 11 sec. so dragracing would come at it's best - my little chance was, to win in r/t and run a very low 12.

it doesn't work, i did a red lite and run into 12.3 - the camaro run into 11.6

but it doesn't matter, the team did a great job, the weather was dry an sunny and we leave the track with a new personal record and well running car.

keep on racing

(we would do this at ddd#5 in bitburg - 21.- 23.09.07 - with the final in street-eliminator series, germany)


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Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2007
Wittstock intern. Dragrace - the worst case scenario become reality
the RICHARZZZ Dragrace Department was right in time and full motivated to travel to wittstock to the wittstock international dragrace, reloaded after about 7 years.
the trip started on friday 9 a.m with florian - a buddy of mine - in convoy. after a tire-explosion on the trailer and a following slow ride of the 700 km, we arrived at 7 p.m. in the pits of the racetrack.
it was amazing, what kind of atmosphere there is - a very large padock, perfect infrastucture, large pit-spaces, top security, happy peaple all over there.

we preped the car and had a homie bbq with the other dragracer around us and we where looking good to the following qualifyings and races on the 3rd round in the Street-Elimination-Series Germany.

Saturday, about 11 a.m, it was our call to the line up for the 1st qualifying. we want do the very first wheelie in this street-series with the street radials - so we dialed in the killer-wheely-set-up of the NitroX06 and i burned very hard for a view seconds. the tires get smooth grip on the perfect track, prepaired with lots of trackbit for many days, before.

pic from dragstripper - markus münch

i staged vs. "mr. full speed micha vogt" in his '41 primered grey willy's coupe. it was quite possible to get a head to head race over the first half of the track.
the tree runs down - i hold the rev's with the launch limiter - yellow, yellow, yellow, green - as i steped from the clutch, i heard a very loud explosion - the engine run into the max. limiter - no speed. i have to recognize that the gearbox is trash.

we hoped, that the desaster is on the ring and pinion or the diff - so we are able to change it and could compete again.

the engine and tranny was out of the car in about 10 minutes and after the following seconds we have to mention - the Street-Eliminator-Series 2007 is over for the RICHARZZZ Dragrace Department.

First gear has broken and the case cracked - we need a new gearbox!

a new transmission is ordered and would delivered with an updated gear ratio and diff on about 2 weeks -so the NitroX 07 will get managed and the SE finals on the DDD#5 in bitburg would be our defined season end for 2007.

see you in hockenheim or bitburg - stay tuned

jens, jo, flo

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Montag, 2. Juli 2007
European BugIn #1, 2007
"It was griping for us to be at this time on this place"
(Jens, Jo, Benni - Belgium, Chimay, 01.07.2007)

After a smooth ride on thursday evening with the richarzzz MANNSCHAFTSWAGEN, we droped down to chimay raceway @ 2.30 a.m.

lots of spectators and visitors has reached and the weather was fucking cold'n'cloudy.
friday, it was dump. cold and lot's of rain the hole day long. so all the thousands vdub guys are waiting for saturday, the forecast was just a little better - and it was right.

dragracing could start and go the rest of the weekend.

because there was no competition in dragracing, we decided to run just one run - in reason not to broke anything of the kwicki in the middle of the saison.

so we prept the car at saturday evening for our BugIn run vs. the oldstyle gasser "turle racer".

pic from groovemachine!

it was quite difficult to match the track which has absolutly no grip. the set up was the same as the street-eli-setup from bitburg and the car run a 12,25 @ 174 km/h with 1,698 60ft/t - and we are very happy to run consitant 12,2 passes on all tracks we start. so we could say, we are able to dial in the car and be competitive in the public race class, now.

we kick ass "turtle racer" straight from the line on his 13,5 sec. pass

the MANNSCHAFTSWAGEN is still for sale, now. It's dyno testet on about 120 horsepower and take about 14 ltr. on 100 km, full packet with racing stuff, trailer included. it runs cool on 90° oil and 120 km/h groundspeed.
just serious inquiries to jens_boehmig@hotmail.com

GoGoGo BugIn #2, 2008!!!


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Dienstag, 22. Mai 2007
personal E.T. record: 12,26 @ 106,64 (D.O.T. tires)
we're back home from a amazing season opening weekend at the bitburg raceway and the 1st STREET-ELIMINATOR Round with a personal e.t. record of 12,26 sec @ 106,64 m.p.h. on D.O.T. tires.
i'm quite impressed about the M&H D.O.T.'s, they run 1,60 - 1,65 60ft/t, consistant.

whatch out the record run here:

crew chief "markus" celebrated the roll out of his show winning '56 oval with a 14,8 sec. run in full street-trim and radials - quite impressive. keep the car back to the track and remember:

"GO" is the "SHOW" ;-)

the richarzzz crew (markus, jo and the groupies) have done a very good job, also. many thanks to you !!!

now i would prepaire the KWICKI for the 2nd round in ALKERSLEBEN on june, 8-10th.

the new SE field is very close between 10 to 13 sec. cars and the season will bring a lot of hot competitions, i guess.
for more infomation, please watch out


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Dienstag, 15. Mai 2007
preview to the 1st Street-Eliminator Round...
the following weekend, the 2007 saison of the german STREET-ELIMINATION Series will start with the shootout and the 1st round at bitburg raceway. many new participants will fight in realy impressive cars (rods, muscelcars, japans, vdubs) for the 2nd half of the 32 field and will compete in 3 runs for the SE 2007 qualification.
it will be quite interesting, how fast have to go to qualify into the series and which team will bring the top qualifier to the tree. i'm sure, the first 9sec. pass will show this year / weekend - so come to the track and enjoy the fastest streetable cars of germanys autobahn.

for event infos: www.street-eliminator.de

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Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2007
warm up - well done...
last saturday, we had the warm up for the first race in about 2.1/2 weeks in bitburg.
1st round of the street-eliminator-series-germany!
kwicki is race ready and sounds good. we hope it will performs, as well.
it would be a difficult kind of work, to find the right set up for the bitburg strip, because the track is displaced for about 2 meters and we used a pair of new M&H D.O.T. tires without having any tests. So we'll use the 4 qualifyings to set up the tires and the carbuarators jets.

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Sonntag, 8. April 2007
the most sexiest wheels available...
that's the way i like it. rare, ugly, oversold

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Montag, 19. März 2007
bayboys' roll out...
...yesterday, the bayboys have got their roll out in the black forest.
buddies of mine, gunns'n'boris, have invited to the roll out bbq - so there was no question to fly the airbus to them like many others used the vdubs. no doupt the fucking bad weather. especially one porsche guy comes in his 356 speedster without the roof...

a lot of old cars have been arrived in the afternoon and the cars of the bayboys looks very, very clean and ready to run on thursday the long trip to the volksword show near london. good luck everybody!

all pics from crazy colors...thx, roland

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Airbus is on the road now...
...so be carefull in running on the left side of the autobahn if the airbus is growing up in your mirror ;-)

last saturday, i have got the first testrun with the "new" bus - it was amazing that everythink work fine.

watch out the very first driving impression....

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Montag, 12. März 2007
Retro-Classic 2007 Report
We want to say "thank you" for all the visitors. it was amazing how many peaple are interested in vw-dragracing in germany. we have lot's of high qualified questions to answer them and many compliments for this way of running an old v-dub.

we supported the EUROPEAN BugIN, dragracer magazin, the wittstock dragrace and the Eggbergrennen (www.eggbergrennen.de), as well.

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Dienstag, 6. März 2007
Richarzzz goes Expo

You'll welcome in hall 4.0 and feel free to come on Friday to the

"Richarzzz Dragrace Department - After Show Party"

on our display. we serve some drinks from 6 p.m.

see you


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