Mittwoch, 5. September 2007
New personal record: 12.08 @ 175.25 km/h (NitroX Hockenheim)
the 22nd isue of the european's biggest dragrace event, was held on 17.-19.08.2007.

the KWICKI was rolling to the line up with a brand new gearbox with different ratios inside, like the wittstock brocken one. so we don't have any idea, how to dial in a fast set up.
we used the best working hockenheim setup from last year and matched a 12.3 sec.

the lauch rpm was too low, so the engine didn't produce enough torque to get a fast 60 ft/t.
nevertheless the wheelie was quite impressive on this amazing grip on the track.

pic from dragstripper himself (markus münch), thx.

so we changed the phoenix slicks to the m&h d.o.t.-tires and rised up the launch rpm to the max. torque spread and wowed the crowd's with a very large wheelstand, nearly into the second gear. the car pushed very hard on every shift - each shifting point was just right in time and we run a very impressive 12.087 @ 175,25 km/h.

the team and i was so happy and nothing could drop our smile from one ear to the other - the whole weekend long!!!

this was our victory after 3 years of hard working on the car, testing, racing, changing and learning how to fly this aircraft like a stuka.

the other two quali runs were an 12.9 without to warm up the tires, because on the 12.08run, we were about 0,1 sec away of our best 60 ft/t and hoped to find this moment in the setup, so we did some experiments on tire pressure an temperature - but it doesn't managed at this event ;-(
the 4th quali run was a 12.21 on a little higher shifting point.

at the end of qualification, we had the 7th place of a 26 sportsman ladder. this shows the high level in public racing - quite hard like the super gas field.
if you are not able to run to the index, you are a barnie!

the first eli run was vs. a vw golf mk1 with a large displacement turbo engine - i've eliminated him in lifting the throttle in front of the finishline, as i have seen him in mirror.

the 1/8 final, i have to run vs. an camaro berlinetta and i know, that this car could run into middle 11 sec. so dragracing would come at it's best - my little chance was, to win in r/t and run a very low 12.

it doesn't work, i did a red lite and run into 12.3 - the camaro run into 11.6

but it doesn't matter, the team did a great job, the weather was dry an sunny and we leave the track with a new personal record and well running car.

keep on racing

(we would do this at ddd#5 in bitburg - 21.- 23.09.07 - with the final in street-eliminator series, germany)


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