Donnerstag, 24. April 2008
the saison 2008 has arrived...
last weekend. we were at the bitburg airbase to do some test runs, regarding the updated release of the kwicki.

in case of sad weather conditions with heavy rain and very low temps, we just could do two runs on sunday afternoon.
the track was without any traction, so the e.t.'s are not mentionable.

also, we have a prospective guy, called "pritschen boris" with his primered and lowered single cab with us.

in may, we start defnetly in ProET, so

stay tuned


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Boris !

Poste mal ein Bild Deiner Porno-Pritsche samt ZK´s-Aufkleber !

Viele Grüße aus Frankfurt & bis spätestens beim EBI,

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