Dienstag, 6. Januar 2009
Saison review 2008...
the last saison was a permanent change between victory, trouble and bussines.
on the first event in may on the bitburg airbase, we competed in the pro ET-class and has reached the semifinal on the timelap about 0,003 sec.
after loosing the semifinal run, we changed the setup into heads up and run new personal best e.t. with 11,93 sec - so it was quite a perfect weekend.

on the second event, EBI#2 in Chimay/Belgium, the weather was rainy and cold - so we just have had some few dry time slots to do a test run on a very bad conditioned track - the result was a 11,87 - yes, a further personal best this year and the 7th fasted eclapsed time in europe this year for cal look cars.

the saison high light event - nitro olympics at hockenheim in august:
the kwicki get's new weight settings with some different parts and places of them. the crew chief "benni" did a perfect job to calculate the set up close to the class-index of 12.000 sec. we run the first qualification in 12.003 sec and become 3rd qualifier.
the second run, we want to show all the spectators a really impressive ride and tried to run a further personal record into a 11.7 - but tranny's choise was not identically with the team and expoloded while launching - diff, ring & pinion, case was destroyed and the racing season in case of budged has ended.
all of the team did a absolute very well job and we had so much fun together on the events.

now, tranny is new with a total different ratio and spool. engine get's some modifications on cam, carbs, compression, lifter and exhaustsystem.

we trust to be ready in april for the t&t's and looking forward to be competitiv in super street for 2009...

crossed fingers and stay tuned

Richarzzz Dragrace Department

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