Montag, 28. August 2006
Nitro Olympics 2006, Hockenheim
the biggest event in germany.
I've finished the car right in time. we arrived on thursday to settle down in the paddock and managed the tech. inspection for the public race class.

about 33 spectators competed this year in the public class, with lots of very fast and interesting cars.
the weather was no summer like, rain out on friday, one qualifying run on saturday and the eliminations on sunday.
i dialed in the last set up of bitburg, without to know what will happen with the new
becker-performance in the back of my "kwicki" - whatch out the vid! ;-)

traction was professional, so i could use much more tirepress and less launch revs for the further runs.

i'd to compete in the 1st eli-round against the hot rodded '32 ford coupe which has an outbrake of 11,933 e.t. in the qualifying.

i'd lose in a head to head race with 0,232 sec. - bad luck, but lots of fun - that's dragracing, i like it!

i'll thank UDO BECKER
( )
for the perfect tech. support.

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